Warlocks and their mounts

And anyone who rides around on a tortured, enslaved horse who is constantly being tormented by being on fire cannot be all good.

It's not torment! The poor things get cold otherwise. They have a very different metabolism from things of this world. And you don't see me putting saddles and reins and other implements of horse bondage on my mount, like you armor-crazy paladins. I have a good working relationship with my animal based on mutual respect and trust.

I rolled a gnome warlock (but only level 10). Their early quests all seemed to be "our city is trashed so we have to do whatever we can to get back what's ours, no matter what that means in terms of right and wrong". I suppose this may vary.

Precisely. We've been burned once before. It's not going to happen again. Security first, at all costs.